Our Alumni - Past Group Members

Past members of our group have gone on to many things after their time with us, mostly within science and academia.  A little information is given here on some of these.

PDRAs and Fellows


Dr Lynne Thomas, Research Fellow (2007-2013).   Now Senior Research Fellow in the M4 project and still very much associated with the group


Dr Marc Schmidtmann, PDRA (2005-2010).  Moved to the Cooper group in Liverpool, now in Oldenbourg, Germany, as specialist crystallographer.


Dr Javier Hernandes, PDRA (2009-2010).  Funded by the Cuban National Science Foundation, returned to Cuba after is time with us.


Dr Derek Middlemiss, PDRA (2005-2008).  Part of a very successful collaboration with Carole Morrison (Edinburgh), moved to Buffalo and Cambridge, with Clare Grey, now with Rob Deeth in Warwick (and again collaborting with us here in Bath)


Dr Anna Collins, PDRA (2006 and 2009), collaboration with Chris Gilmore.  Now in Cambridge.


Dr Antonella Scherillo, PDRA (2007-2008), collaboration with ISIS Neutron Detector Group (Nigel Rhodes).  Now instrument scientist for Ines at the ISIS neutron source, RAL.


Dr Andy Parkin, PDRA (2003-2007).  Became Lecturer in Chemistry at Glasgow.  Commemorated by the RSC Parkin lecture.


PhD Students


Dr Alan Martin (2014; went to Scaled Solutions Ltd)

Dr Andrew Jones (2013; went to Free University of Brussels, Belgium)

Dr Ioana Sovago (2013; went to University of Copenhagen)

Dr Craig Wales (2012; went to Fujifilm)

Dr Andras Kallay (2011; went to University of Miskolc, Hungary)

Dr Bryan Boyle (2011; now at Rolls-Royce)

Dr Craig Martin (2011; moved into politics)

Dr Loretta Lawton (2010; went to Exeter)

Dr Andy O'Neill (2010; went to Scientifics)

Dr Damiano Portinari (2010; went to Liverpool JMU)

Dr Duncan Sneddon (2009; went to Diamond, now at MRC Harwell)

Dr Marc Schmidtmann (2008; went to Liverpool, now at Univ of Oldenbourg)

Dr Martin Adam (2008; now at National Nuclear Laboratory)

Dr Susie Buttar (nee Harte) (2006; now at Pharmorphix, Cambridge)


Jointly supervised

Dr Lynne Thomas (Cantab, 2006)

Dr Cara Nygren (UT Knoxville, 2005)


Pilar Rodriguez-Ortega (Visiting SPhD tudent from Jaen, Spain; 2012-2013)


Undergraduate Project Students


University of Glasgow: Mark Facchini (2005), Aisha Waseem (2006), Loretta Lawton (2006; re-joined group for PhD), Bobby McTaggart (2007), Gavin Craig (2008; went to PhD in Barcelona), Emma Ferrie (2008), Lesley Anne Clive (2009), Lucy Gilchrist (2009), Alan Martin (2009; re-joined group for PhD), James Smith (2009), Kieron Begley (2010), Elaine Cheung (2010), Lynsey Currie (2010)

University of Bath: Alex Paschke (2011), Lucy Saunders (2011; re-joined group for PhD), Kate Wittering (2011; re-joined group for PhD), Ollie Halmkin (2012), Hayleigh Lloyd (2012; went to PhD in Edinburgh), Savinder Singh Sandhu (2012), Lee Wilson (2012), Lauren Agnew (2013; re-joined group for PhD), Rebecca Coote (2013; joint with Frank Marken), Josh King (2013), Jess Webster (2013), Alex Cousen (2014; re-joined group for PhD), Sam Candy


Undergraduate Placement, Summer and Erasmus Students


Caitlin Newlands (2006), Gavin Craig (2008; went to PhD in Barcelona), Jennifer Kennedy (2008, 2010; went to PhD in Glasgow), Lynsey Currie (2008-2009), Samantha Melrose (2008-2009), Derek Connor (2009), Sylvain Denis (2009), Niall MacLean (2009-2010), Sam Alexander (2010), Sarah Benoit (2010), Dan Scott (2014)


Group Leader Chick Wilson is part of a team awarded £1.5M EU ERDF funding for Sustainable Technologies.  The team is led by Prof Matt Davidson, of the Centre for Sustainable Chemical Technologies, and is a collaboration with the Univ Innovation Centre

Work led by Dr Karen Robertson and Pierre-Baptiste Flandrin has been featured by our industrial collaborator Vapourtec, with whom we have been working to develop capabilities for particle control within flow chemistry.

Lauren Agnew recently undertook a four-month secondment at Astra Zeneca as part of the CMAC industrial placements scheme.  Lauren writes about her experience here, and liked it so much she has recently taken up a position at AZ!

The group were well represented at the recent ISIC20 conference in Dublin, with posters from Lauren Agnew, Ruth Lunt and Lois Wayment, and Alex Cousen presenting a talk at the meeting. 

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