Dynamic Switchable Chemistry

We are a partner in the EPSRC-funded Programme on Dynamic Switchable Metastable Materials at the University of Bath.  The M4 Metastable programme (Make-Measure-Model-Manipulate) targets the development of molecular materials, that can be switched into a metastable state by the application of an external stimulus, developing distinct physical properties by so doing.  In this way we aim to manipulate these physical properties in a low-energy and fully reversible manner.


The properties we are targetting include colour, refractive index, conductivity and other electronic properties, porosity and many others.


The M4 project at Bath involves a team of seven academics and a total of around 20 researchers. 


Group Leader Chick Wilson is part of a team awarded £1.5M EU ERDF funding for Sustainable Technologies.  The team is led by Prof Matt Davidson, of the Centre for Sustainable Chemical Technologies, and is a collaboration with the Univ Innovation Centre

Work led by Dr Karen Robertson and Pierre-Baptiste Flandrin has been featured by our industrial collaborator Vapourtec, with whom we have been working to develop capabilities for particle control within flow chemistry.

Lauren Agnew recently undertook a four-month secondment at Astra Zeneca as part of the CMAC industrial placements scheme.  Lauren writes about her experience here, and liked it so much she has recently taken up a position at AZ!

The group were well represented at the recent ISIC20 conference in Dublin, with posters from Lauren Agnew, Ruth Lunt and Lois Wayment, and Alex Cousen presenting a talk at the meeting. 

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