Publicity and Outreach

Group Leader Chick Wilson was fortunate enough to win the Thomas Graham medal of the Royal Philosophical Society of Glasgow in 2011, delivering "excellent research to a general audience" in a lively meeting!

The group are heavily engaged with a range of activities attempting both to disseminate our research and pass on our excitement about science.  You will find us regularly at Science Fairs, in Cafes and pubs and other odd places, in schools and colleges, demonstrating "Spectroscopy in a Suitcase" and just generally spreading the word!


Some recent activities and publicity can be found below.

Group Leader Chick Wilson has delivered a number of public lectures and discussions over the last few years, largely on the topics of:

"Mysterious case of Misbehaving Molecules!" 

"Discovery of the Elements: Geography and Fame"

and a new offering

"Making Things Work min the Mysterious Metastable World"


Locations include The Pint of Scence Festival, Cafes Scientifique, Talking Science (Daresbury), the Thomas Graham Lecture (Royal Philosophical Society of Glasgw), The Gilmorehill G12 Theatre, and a range of schools and colleges.


An interview with the magazine Laboratory News can be found here.

Be sure to check out the video of the M4 metastable programme!

Kate Wittering is among those explaining just WHY you should come to Bath to study!

Lucy Saunders describes why her joint studentship with Diamond Light Source is so exciting


Group Leader Chick Wilson features in a University Impact Video

Anneke Klapwijk presneted some of our recent work at the CMAC Annual Open Day

Chick has recently presented our work in hydrogen bonding, crystal engineering, functional materials design, self-assembly and crystallisation at a Conference celebrating 50 years of the Cambridge Crystallographic Data Centre (CCDC).

He has also recently delivered a Sicnce Cafe in Bath on "Mysterious cases osf Misbehaving Moleciles", and a public talk on "Disaster Prevention in the Molecular World" at the Pint of Science festival.

Dr Karen Robertson recently presented her development work on the KRAIC crystalliser at the BACG Annual meeting.

Anneke Klapwijk and L:auren Agew won their respective "best year presentation" prizes at the CMAC Summer School held in Crieff, Perthshire

Lucy Saunders gave a talk at the BCA Young Crystallographers' Meeting in York, on her functional molecular materials developments

We will be populating this new Group Web-site over the next few weeks.  Check back to see what we are up to!

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